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Diffuser technology

The first cane diffuser ever made in Brazil, installed at Usina Galo Bravo, SP, started operation in 1983. Crushing capacity 3,500 TCD

Second Brazilian cane diffuser installed at Usina Cruz Alta , Guarani Group,  in Brazil in 1985. Crushing capacity 8,000 TCD 

The need of higher sugar extraction rates encouraged the development of cane diffusers in Brazil. Mr. Jacqueline, a later founder of Uni-systems, started designing the first unit in early 1982.  The equipment, with a capacity of  3,500 TCD began operation in 1983 at Usina Galo Bravo, in the Ribeirao Preto region, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 


With the start-up of the diffuser, Usina Galo Bravo increased its crushing capacity from 3,500 TCD to 7,000 TCD, operating the diffuser in parallel to a conventional five 4-roll 30" x 66" mills, both lines with similar throughput of approx. 3,500 TCD and processing the same sugar cane. The diffuser immediately showed a Pol% extraction exceeding 98% with a margin, over the mill tandem of 1.8 to 2% . Two years later Mr. Jaquelin was hired to design a second diffuser, this one with a crushing capacity of 8,000 TCD. The unit was installed at Usina Cruz Alta de Olimpia and began operation in 1985. Similarly to the first diffuser this unit has maintained for a record extraction above 98% over the years. The diffuser has been handling the total cane throughput of the factory until, a few years later, praks of up to 14,000 TCD were reached after the installation of a second drying mill. The extraction rates were still above 97% at almost 175% of the unit design capacity.  


Cruz Alta has always been reknown for its high quality refined sugar (color and ashes) contradicting the common belief that a good sugar quality cannot been obtained with the diffuser because of the higher quantity of impurities entering the process. 




























Since 1997, Uni-systems, has retained all property right over the original diffuser technology and in the following years, several improvements were incorporated into the original design. Manufacturing licences for the Uni-systems diffuser technology, were granted to various Brazilian and American sugar equipment manufacturers although, at present, Citrotec International is the exclusive licenced partner to construct  Uni-systems diffusers.  For additional information on Citrotec, please see the attached Citrotec Brochure on Sugar-Energy  products.


Uni-systems diffuser is widely know in Brazil and Latin America. More than thirty installations have been successful completed and commissioned.

For more information about our diffuser please see our latest Diffuser brochure.

Competitive advantages of a Diffuser over a Mill Tandem

Diffuser modularization and expandability

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