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Business model

Partnering with Customers


We strongly believe that an EPCM approach is a winning concept in every project implementation. Indeed the best results are achieved when solutions and services are provided on a retainer basis, on agreed terms and conditions, with the customer still being the protagonist in the decision making process.


Rather than a conventional approach, we always encourage an open and transparent relationship with our customers; a bond of mutual trust, confidence and reliance upon each other to work fairly and equitably towards the same goal of making, of each project, a great success.

























We encourage a relationship where, rather  than a potential  supplier,   we are a  trustworthy and reliable partner  which can help in developing and completing your project.


We can work   together to identify your needs and  goals and helping  you in making the right decisions.

Competitive advantages


In the sugar and alcohol industry, as well as in power generation and co-generation we can add a lot. One of our major assets is our multidisciplinary expertise in all aspects of these projects.


Many of our partners are located at the core of the Brazilian agribusiness center, where almost 600 million tons of sugar cane is processed every year into sugar, ethanol and power.


We have a long experience in optimizing process design and we are familiar with every process innovations and easy access to the service of hundreds of specialized consultants and engineers to satisfy any possible requirement.


Definitely we can engineer, procure and construct, start-up and commission your project under one single and consolidated responsibility optimizing costs and minimizing risks.

Virtual Infrastructure


The globalization has brought a major business process revolution. In the today world, competitiveness requires the adoption of new models meant to reduce interaction costs and focused on industry-based rather than company-based economies of scale.


The infrastructure verticalization model has given space to the new concept of virtual infrastructure which relies on partnership and collaboration. The process of separating functions and services allows modern companies to run more efficiently, reducing operating costs and overheads while relying on supply-chain partners.



Core Expertise


At Uni-systems we have embraced this model long ago, no matter if simply providing a service, one single equipment or a complete industrial facility.


Our value added consists in providing all fundamental competencies that constitutes the base for a solid and

successful project, while outsourcing all hardware and complementary services.


We have expertise and in-house capabilities to provide

technical and financial counseling, to carry out studies, process and plant engineering, procurement, project management, operational training and assistance. 



Strategic Alliances


Our primary concern is always related to know-how. Identifying and securing the best technologies by means of solid partnership agreements is the core of each project structure.


Integrating third-party systems with proprietary know-how into a consolidated model and provide adequate process guarantees is also our main concern. 





Outsourcing products and services from reliable specialized vendors is essential to reduce capital investment and select the most appropriate component in every circumstance.


Luckily, we are not constrained to offer our own products as other competitors do by run their own factories; instead we have extensive knowledge in procuring from all over the world to choose the most suitable product in every situation, securing the best quality at convenient prices and definitively optimizing logistics, minimizing costs and tariffs.  This is how we outsource all non-proprietary process know-how, engineering, equipment and machinery, components and parts, and field services.


​Whenever possible, and subject to market of financing limitations, we also endorse local manufacturing of structural components and vessels again to minimize costs, freights and duties, and for these items we provide engineering and fabrication supervision.

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