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For nearly two decades, Uni-systems has provided top quality services to major players in the agro, energy and biofuels industries, contributing in the development and implementation of hundreds or projects. We have given valuable advice to project developers, inverstors, lenders, owners and operators to better evaluate technical and environmental aspects, compare all feasible options, assess risks and definitely make the right decisions in any phase of their project lifecycle. 

Investors and Lenders

We assist investors and lender in their decision making process, with feasibility studies, market assesments, due diligence services, inspections and audits, project design and construction monitoring.

Project Developers

We assist project developers  in their efforts to design a  sustainable projects with advice on process selection, conceptual design, environmental impact mitigation, lay-out and logistics, investment and financing optimization, regardless of the scale  or investment of the project.

Owners and Operators

We help owners and operators in their efforts to  develop new projects from the early stage of conceptual design through construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. We also assist existing operations to protect their long-term profits by diversifing production, improve efficiencies, reduce energy needs or add co-generation modules.

Vendors  and Manufacturers

We have worked with almost every major equipment and machinery manufacturer by helping them in their efforts to bring their product quality to the industry standard threshold for efficiency and reliability. We also license a few to manufacture build our proprietary equipment.

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