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Whether producing fuel grade ethanol, neutral beverage alcohol or any other high quality industrial spirits, the making of alcohol requires a wide knowledge of each and any single process operation. A good global solution involves an accurate selection of feedstock handling techniques and an appropriate design for all downstream operations, such as the mash conversion to sugar (when required), fermentation and distillation, an essential requisite to achieve the required purity and quality standards for any produced alcohol while maintaining process efficiencies at the highest levels.

Of equal importance, is the correct approach to the effluent treatment  and the recovery of by-products, not only in respect of the environment, but also to add value to the project revenue stream, by selling fertilizers, recoverable carbon dioxide, bio-based chemicals, and other by-products.

Last, but not least, a thermal optimization of the entire project shall be conducted to either reduce the energy costs associated with alcohol production or increase revenues by co-generation with feedstock derived biomass.


Uni-systems counts with a long lasting relationships with some of the most reputable experts in each field:

  • Etech Ltda. : Technologists in fermentation, distillation, dehydration and carbon dioxide recovery technologies, using sugar and starch based feedstocks

  • Citrotec Ltda. : Technologists and Manufacturers in distillation, dehydration, vinasse concentration and vinasse drying.

  • Global Water Engineering : Technologists in anaerobic and aerobic treatment , biogas recovery as well as in thermal and energy optimization.

Combining their expertise with our in-house capabilities to integrate process packages and provide procurement and project management, we are in a leading position to offer complete alcohol production solutions in every situation.

Personalized Solutions


We are able to deliver custom made solutions that adapt to any requirement and comply with the most demanding standards in terms of product quality, process efficiency, energy consumption and manufacturing codes. 


1. Services


  • Opportunity study 

  • Pre-feasibility study

  • Techno-economic feasibility study 

  • Evaluation reports

  • Conceptual design

  • Process design & engineering

  • Procurement on retainer basis

  • Construction management

  • Assistance with operation and maintenance


2. Turn-key projects (EPC or EPCM)


  • Alcohol distilleries to produce industrial, potable, extra neutral, fuel grade alcohol (Citrotec - Etech)

  • Fermentation modules 

  • Vinasse digestion (GWE)

  • Biogass recovery and cleaning (GWE)

  • Vinasse concentration modules (Citrotec)

  • Vinasse drying (Citrotec - YB)

  • Vinasse conversion (Citrotec - YB)


3. Equipment, components, parts


  • Process modules

  • Full line of process equipment and machinery

  • Auxiliary equipment 

  • Process instrumentation and automation

  • Electrical equipment, components and parts

  • Piping, fittings, valves

  • Structural components, vessels, tanks

  • Bulk materials, accessories and parts

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