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As fossil fuels reserves are depleting and fuel prices keep rising, the future depends on the adoption of measures meant to increase the use renewable energy . Although wind and solar energy are gaining ground, their application is not sustainable in most locations and production costs are still significantly high.


The use or renewable biomass as fuels in conventional or regenerative Rankine cycles  is still the prevailing option to produce energy at affordable prices. Bagasse has been widely used as a low cost fuel for co-generation in the sugar and alcohol industries. Nowadays the potential of cane trash in large quantities is being explored. Concurrently the power industry has been increasingly use wood chips and barks, agricultural wastes (stalks, shells,fronds, etc.), forestry residues and energy crops such as switch grass and elephant grass among others.


Last but not least the use residue-derived fuel (RDF) resulting from processed urban garbage can also be a valuable alternative as a way to decontaminate the environment from waste while producing affordable renewable energy.


On the other hand, the use of conventional fossil fuels still remain the predominant solution, and in this area new technologies are being adopted to comply with the tighter pollution control standards and reduce the production costs. The use of sophisticated regenerative thermal cycles, combined cycles (CCPP), combined heat and power (CHP) together with the adoption of high efficiency turbines (gas and steam) and boiler is essential to maintain competitiveness. 


Uni-systems has been providing renewable energy solutions on a global scale more than a decade, primarily focusing on energy production from renewable fuels and solid residues, hydro power, combined cycle and conventional fuels. 

Personalized Solutions


We are able to deliver custom made solutions that adapt to any requirement and comply with the most demanding standards in terms of product quality, process efficiency, energy consumption and manufacturing codes. 


1. Services


  • Opportunity study 

  • Pre-feasibility study

  • Techno-economic feasibility study 

  • Evaluation reportS

  • Conceptual design

  • Process design & engineering

  • Procurement on retainer basis

  • Construction management

  • Assistance with operation and maintenance


2. Turn-key projects (EPC or EPCM)


  • Power plants from renewable fuels (bagasse, wood chips, energyh crops, trash, RDF)

  • Steam generators (HRSG's) and steam turbo generators modules for application in combined cycles

  • Power plants fueled wtih conventional fossil fuels (coal, pet coke, lignite, etc.) 


3. Equipment, components, parts


  • Steam boilers (Fluidized bed, spreader stoker, HRSG's) 

  • Turbo generators 

  • Auxiliary equipment 

  • Process instrumentation and automation

  • Electrical equipment, components and parts

  • Piping, fittings, valves

  • Structural components, vessels, tanks

  • Bulk materials, accessories and parts

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