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Diffuser Modularization and expandability

Uni-systems has recently concluded the development of a new mechanical concept  aimed to increase the maximum width of the diffuser to 20 meters, thus allowing to process, in a single unit, up to 28,000 Tons of cane per day. For addtional information please contact us.

There are a countless number of advantages in the use of a diffuser over a mill tandem, the most relevant being : (a) higher extraction efficiency, (b) lower power consumption, (c) lower maintenance costs; (d) lower operating costs, (e) reduced capital costs and (f) safer and cleaner operation.

With a diffuser, users can substantially increase their gross operating revenues. A case study for a 2,000,000 Ton per season facility is attached, for a quick reference, however, upon request, we can assist you to evaluate the feasibility of a radical change, for your specific situation, to switch from a milling tandem to a  new diffuser. 

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