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A modern sugar factory or syrup mill meant to assure long-term profits, requires the integration of an efficient process design with state-of-the-art production techniques and leading edge equipment and machinery. Functionality, standardization, automation and ease operation are basic factors to guarantee high product quality,  operational continuity while reducing operational and maintenance costs.


Combining in-house integration experience with project management capabilities, while outsourcing the most suitable process technologies, process packages and all required hardware, we are able to timely deliver what you actually need,  not what most of the manufacturers want you to buy.

Tailor made solutions


Each of our projects is tailor-made to comply with customer requirements as far as capacity, product mix, product quality, energy efficiency, effluent disposal or treatment. Processes are selected based on project parameters such as feedstock availability, site conditions, market considerations and econonomic optimizations, while sophistication and simplicity meet at the boundary of a balanced cost to benefit ratio threshold.


Uni-systems has unmatched experience with cane preparation, juice extraction either by diffuser or mill tandem, Juice treatment, sulphitation, evaporation,  boiling, sugar crystallization and separation, sugar drying, handling, packaging and storage. We are also familiar with refining techniques both for annexed or stand alone modules.


Yet we  are experts in electrification, thermal optimization, steam and power generation at any pressure rating, and able to provide steam boilers with conventional stokers or the new  generation of CFB or BFB boilers  to meet the most stringent environmental regulations.


1. Services


  • Opportunity study 

  • Pre-feasibility study

  • Techno-economic feasibility study 

  • Evaluation reports

  • Conceptual design

  • Process design & engineering

  • Procurement 

  • Construction management

  • Operation and maintenance assistance


2. Turn-key projects (EPC or EPCM) 


  • Sugar factories producing any type of sugar (raw, VHP, white) using sugar cane as feedstock

  • Sugar refineries using sugar cane or raw sugar as feedstock

  • Liquid sugar plants using white or raw sugar as feedstock 

  • Syrup mills using sugar cane as feedstock


3. Equipment, components, parts


  • Process modules

  • Full line of process equipment and machinery

  • Auxiliary equipment 

  • Process instrumentation and automation

  • Electrical equipment, components and parts

  • Piping, fittings, valves

  • Structural components, vessels, tanks

  • Bulk materials, accessories and parts

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