Uni-systems has been trading equipment, machinery, components and parts since its inception in 1996 and has acquared extensive knowledge in sourcing worldwide any specific component that constitute the process line of sugar factories, distilleries, power plants, hydro power plants, waste water treatment plants.


Our engineering team backs up our procurement department during equipment selection, RFP's, negotiations and inspections. Our logistic department and freight forwarders assure correct timing and low freight rates for each shipment.


Uni-systems also offers procurement services on retainer basis for those customers who wish to rely on us for their annual maintenance plans and take advantage of our short or medium term revolving credit lines at very low interests rates. The working modality allows our customer to participate and supervise the procurement process while  taking advantage of our procurement expertise, competitive OEM prices and convenient credit terms.


The following is a partial list of equipment that constitute our equipment product line. We also provide componentes and parts for each equipment.


In addition we provide agricultural machinery (harvesters, tractors, trucsk, agricultural implements), protection tools, fire fighting equipment, chemicals, and other consumables.

Feedstock weighing and sampling systems

- Truck scale with electronic weighing system

- Manual or automatic core samplers mounted on structure or tractor 

- Sample conveying systems

- Sample shredders

- Lab equipment

Feedstock unloading and conveying systems

- Truck unloaders (fixed, on rails)

- Feed table (single, double)

- Table washing systems 

- Trash separation systems 

- Cush-cush systems

- Conveyers (outboard rollers, apron, belt, slat types)

- Feedstock continuous weighing systems

Feedstock preparation equipment

- Levellers and drives 

- Cutters ( fixed, oscillating (COP-8,QRZ type) and  drive

- Shredders (COP-5, COP-10, Tongaat types) and drives



- Mills (three and four-rolls)

- Conventional couplings and bars and rope couplings

- Intermediate conveyers

- Transmission sets and drives (AC/DC and controls, VFD's)

- Imbibition systems

- Lube systems

- Hydraulic units

Magnetic separators 

- Magnetic separators (suspended)

- sSeel structures, discharge chutes 

- AC/DC converters

- Transformers

Juice clarifying, evaporation

- Clarifiers, flotators

- Heat exchangers (plate or shell & tube types)

- Rotary screens, vacuum filters, 

- Evaporators (Roberts and falling film)


Sugar production equipment

- Vacuum pans (batch and continuous)

- Crystallizers (batch and continuous)

- Sugar Centrifuges (batch and continuous)

- Sugar driers

- Silos

- Sugar weighing, bagging, packaging

Fermentation equipment

- Heat exchagers (coolers and regenerators)

- Pre-fermenters

- Fermenters (batch and continuous)

- CO2 scrubbers


Yeast handling equipment

- Yeast centrifuges 

- Beer filters


Distillation equipment

- Columns 

- Heat exchagers (reboilers, condensers, coolers, exchangers)

- Decanters,

- Vessels

- Molecular sieves


Vinasse Evaporators

- Evaporators (descending turbolent mist) 

- Reboilers

- Heat exchangers (reheaters, condensers, coolers)

- Flash drums

- Vacuum systems

- Evaporative condensers

Steam boilers

- Steam boilers up to 300 T/H, 100 Bars

- Deaerators

- Conveyers

- Fuel handling equipment

- Ash handling systems



Steam Turbo Generators

- Steam turbines (action, reaction) 

- Gearboxes

- Synchronous generators

- Condensers, heaters, ejctors accessories

- Cooling towers



Electrical equipment

- Generators

- Step down transformers

- Motors (AC, DC)

- Variable frequency drives

- Swithgears, MCC's, control and protection panels



- Step up transformes

- Switches

- Circuit Breakers

- Protection and control equipment


Water treatment plants

- Sand filters

- Clarifiers, Flotators

- Ion Exchange

- Reverse Osmisis

- Ultra filtration

- Sludge removal

Instrumentation, automation

- Field instrumentation

- Automation

- Supervisory systems



Pollution control equipment

- Wet Scrubbers

- Electrostatic precipitators

- Bag filters

- SCR / SNCR's



Hydroelectric plant equipment

- Hydraulic turbines

- Syncronous generators

- Control and protection panels

- Transformers

- Steel and plastic water conduits


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