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Uni-systems has been trading equipment, machinery, components and parts since its inception in 1996 and has acquared extensive knowledge in sourcing worldwide any specific component that constitute the process line of sugar factories, distilleries, power plants, hydro power plants, waste water treatment plants.


Our engineers team up with our procurement specialists, from the selection of the most appropriate solution to the issue of  RFP's, equalization of proposals, negotiations with vendors and follow-up during  fabrication, inspections and shipping. Our logistic department and freight forwarders assure correct timing and low freight rates for each shipment.


Uni-systems also offers procurement services on retainer basis for those customers who wish to rely on us for their annual maintenance plans and take advantage of our short or medium term revolving credit lines at very low interests rates. The working modality allows our customer to participate and supervise the procurement process while  taking advantage of our procurement expertise, low procurement fees, competitive OEM prices and convenient credit terms.


The following is a partial list of equipment and parts that are traded. 


Upon request we can provide agricultural machinery (harvesters, tractors, trucs, agricultural implements), protection tools, fire fighting equipment, chemicals, and other consumables.

Please email  your request to
We will be glad to assist you and expedite our quotation



Weighing and sampling

  • Truck scales with electronic weighing systems

  • Manual/Automatic core samplers

  • Sample conveying systems

  • Sample shredder and homogenizers

  • Lab Equipment


Unloading and conveying

  • Hilo Unloaders

  • Feed tables 

  • Washing systems

  • Trash separation systems

  • Cush-cush systems


Preparation equipment

  • Levellers

  • Knife sets (QRZ, fixed,  swing back)

  • Shredders (Horizontal, vertical)

  • Hammers, knives, Bearings

  • Gearboxes and drives​


Magnetic separators

  • Magnetic separators (suspended)

  • Manual/Automatic cleaning

  • Supporting steel structure

  • Moving trolley and discharging chutes

  • AC/DC Converters, Transformers, Oil tanks


Conveying systems

  • Cane conveyers (outboard rollers, apron, slats)

  • Bagasse conveyers (belt, rack types)

  • Chains, slats, rollers, drums, beltsndless belts

  • Transmissions (V-belt/Pulley, chain/sprockets)

  • In-line weighing systems


Milling systems

  • Individual mills and mill tandems (3 and 4-roller) 

  • Intermediate conveyers,  Donelly Chutes

  • Gearboxes, motors, VFD, steam turbines

  • Sling type couplings

  • Lube systems, hydrauic systems


Juice processing equipment

  • Clarifiers , flotators

  • Sulphitation systems

  • Heat exchangers (S&T, plates types)

  • Juice screens (DSM, rotary sieves)

  • Evaporators (Roberts, falling film, turbulent mist) 


Sugar processing

  • Vacuum pans  (continuous, batch)

  • Crystallizers (conventional, vertical)

  • Centrifuges (Batch, continuous)

  • Sugar dryer, Silos

  • Sugar weighing, bagging, packaging


Fermentation systems

  • Pre-fermenters (yeast propagation)

  • Fermenters

  • CO2 scrubbing columns

  • Heat exchangers (S&T, plate type

  • Beer filters


Distillation systems

  • Columns

  • Heat exchangers, reboilers, condensers, coolers

  • Molecular sieves

  • Decanters

  • Vessels, tanks


Vinasse treatment

  • Turbulent mist evaporators

  • Reboilers

  • Heat exchangers (re-heaters, coolers)

  • Evaporative condensers

  • Vinasse driers

Guarani - Tanabi 200th67Bar525C.JPG

Steam generation

  • Steam boilers (water tube, fire tube types

  • Deaerator

  • Fuel  and ash handling systems

  • Pollution control (scrubbers, ESP, SCR, SNCR)

  • Water demineralization stations

cgn turbo.png

Power generation

  • Steam turbines (action, reaction)

  • Gearboxes

  • Synchronous generators

  • Condensers and cooling towers

  • Evaporative condensers


Electrical equipment

  • Synchronous generators

  • Transformers (step-up, step-down)

  • Motors (AC/DC)

  • Variable frequency drives

  • Switchgears, MCC's, control and protectionpanels


Waste water treatment

  • Biodigestors

  • Aerobic systems, activated sludge separation 

  • Ultrafiltration, Reverse OSmosus

  • Sludge dewatering and disposal

  • Odor control

evaporative condenser to turbine cap 100

Condensing Systems

  • Evaporative condensers for evaporators

  • Evaporative condensers for vacuum pans

  • Evaporative condensers for vacuum distilleries

  • Evaporative condensers for condensing turbines

  • COnventional surface condensers

redutor 015.jpg

Mill gearing

  • Complete transmission sets

  • Single, double triple stage gearboxes

  • Spur , helycal and doble helical gears & pinions

  • Planetary gearboxes (foot or shaft mounted)

  • Assist drives


Instrumentation, Automation

  • Control valves, field instrumentation

  • Remote terminal units 

  • PLC's, DCS, HMI, SCADA systems

  • Automation system architecture

  • Start-up, testing, commissioning




  • Process valves (gate, globe, ball, butterfly, etc.

  • Safety and relief valves 

  • Solenoid and pneumatic control valves

Piping & Fittings.JPG

Piping & Fittings

  • Process  tubes (exchangers, evaporators, pans)

  • Boiler tubes (boiler bank and furnace walls)

  • Boiler membrane water walls

  • Specialy tubes for corrosive fluids



  • Centrifugal process pumps

  • Volumetric  pumps

  • Vacuum pumps

mill rolls.jpg

Mill rolls and shafts

  • Cast iron shells (plain or grooved)

  • Forged steel shafts

  • Cast steel flanges

  • Complete rolls 

  • Perforated rolls


Mill crownwheels

  • Cast steel crown wheels for mill main rolls

  • Cast steel crown wheels for press rollers

  • Optional teeth hard facing 

  • Crown wheels steel casing


Mill Bearings

  • Cast steel top bearing boxes 

  • Cast steel side bearing boxes

  • Bronze liners


Mill scrapers, turnplates

  • Turnplates

  • Turnplate suports

  • Scrapers

  • Scraper supports 

  • Trunnions


Boiler castings

  • Cast Furnace doors

  • Grate elements

  • Spray ball nozzles

  • Feeding chutes


Conveyers parts

  • Chains

  • Spockets

  • Attachments

  • Rollers

  • Endless rubber belts

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