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Uni-systems, Inc. is founded in 1996

In 1996, Uni-systems, Inc. was founded in Miami, Florida. It started as a trading operation providing the worldwide sugar and alcohol industry with Brazilian products and technology. Paul became one of the major shareholders in Uni-systems, Inc. and in return, Uni-systems purchased interests in Barlou Projetos Industriais S.A., which became Barlou & Associates Importação e Exportação, Ltda in early 1997.


Consultants, engineers and traders


Soon after inception, Uni-systems expanded its offering of technical services and Brazilian made products to Latin America and the United States. For almost a decade, Uni-systems focused on providing its customers with technical counseling and modern equipment in an effort to improve quality, production rates, and efficiency.


Hundreds of projects involving engineering services, process equipment or complete process modules were initiated and completed. Services and processes include but are not limited to the modernization of extraction systems in sugar mills, the introducion of cane shredders, press rollers, the optimization of milling techniques, installing mill feeding automation systems, improving clarification practices, plant retrofitting with the new diffusion technique, the integration of co-generation modules using bagasse as fuel, the production of fuel grade alcohol from molasses or cane juice and the treatment of process waste water.



Consolidating partnerships


Cooperation agreements were signed with some of the most reputable Brazilian and other foreign engineers and manufacturers. Some of those, such as Mussi Distillation Technology (alcohol, distilleries, alcohol dehydration and stillage concentration modules), and Grupo TGM, (action and reaction steam turbines ), are still in force today, redesigned to adapt to our newest marketing and operational strategies.With time, Uni-systems acquired more     

stillage concentration modules), and Grupo TGM, (action and reaction steam turbines ), are still in force today, redesigned to adapt to our newest marketing and operational strategies.With time, Uni-systems acquired more technical expertise, increasing the company's operational activity in areas dedicated to project execution, specifically procurement (local and foreign outsourcing), logistics and project management.


In 2003/2004, the increased demand of bio-fuels and bio-energy triggered new projects which generated higher sales volume in South America.




By 2007, with consolidated experience and a solid technological portfolio, Uni-systems developed a new business model aimed to deliver more value to its customers. The previous focus on equipment sales changed to a new concept based on providing integrated business solutions, covering a complete range of services from the initial stage of identifying an opportunity to the subsequent steps of feasibility evaluation, appraisal reports, engineering design, construction, commissioning till providing, when required assistance for operation and maintenance.


In July 2007, Uni-systems was awarded the first turn-key contract for a fuel grade ethanol distillery by Agricola del Chira, a company of the prominent Romero Group in Peru. The plant was commissioned by August 2009. Since then Uni-systems has implemented several other bio-fuel and power plants both in Brazil and abroad and is presently completing a number of major projects.


Our history accounts for almost 20 years of great accomplishments. With hard work and dedication, we will continue to pave the way towards an even brighter future and determined to remain on the cutting edge of innovation in the sectors we serve.

It all started with Paul

Joseph Arthur Paul Jacquelin (Paul) arrived in Brazil in 1982 with a very important assignment; to design and manufacture the first sugar cane diffuser in Brazil.


Originally from Mauritius, Paul was a talented and extroverted engineer with almost thirty five (35) years of experience at Tongaat-Hulett, a sugar company in South Africa. There, he accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge with sugar cane preparation, milling and diffuser techniques.


Once In Brazil,

he established 

Barlou Projetos

Industriais S.A.

and signed an 

agreement with

Zanini S.A. to


develop and

supervise the 

construction and commissioning 

of the first diffuser ever made in Brazil. 

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