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About us

We are consultants, engineers, traders and contractors primarily focused on biofuels and bioenergy. We strive to adapt to your needs and deliver added value in any circumstance. We provide counseling, engineering services, procurement, logistic support, construction management and O&M assistance or tailor made global EPC/EPCM solutions.

Uni-systems Inc. is  privately owned Florida corporation engaged in consulting, engineering design and provision of process equipment. We are entirely dedicated to excellence in order to meet and surpass our customers' expectations on costs, logistics, trade tariffs and financing.


We focus on providing timely, reliable and cost-effective solutions while maintaining uncompromising quality in every circumstance.


Uni-systems is present in nearly forty (40) countries across five continents and rely on a wide network of regional offices, sales representatives and strategic partners in most of the territories we cover. 


Since inception we have always achieved record sales and turnover rates by employees, among the highest in the industry. As of today we are engaged in several large-scale projects in different locations around the world.


Our mission is to always remain among the best in the industy and strive to maintain the highest quality standards in every aspect of our work. We are dedicated to our customers, the environment, and the greater communities in which we serve; promoting clean energy innovation and generating jobs in rural areas.


Whether by constructing a biomass fueled co-generation facility, a fuel grade alcohol distillery, a waste processing plant or a hydro power station, we continue to contribute to the reduction of the world's dependence on fossil fuels, improving the air quality and reducing pollution from solid wastes, while improving the quality of life of communities and people.

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