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Clean energy is the sole and urgent response to climate changes by carbon dioxide emissions and rising energy needs but it is not only this. The production of domestic biofuels also contributes to energy self-sufficiency, improving the balance of payment, sustaining the economic devepolment and a bettering the standard of living of rural areas in many developing country. 


Biofuels are obtained from living organisms such as plants or plant-derived materials, or microalgae through a process of carbon fixation. The resulting biomass is industrially converted into solid, liquid or gaseous fuels by chemical or biochemical conversion. 


Bioethanol is produced by fermentation of carbohydrates produced in sugar or starch crops such as corn, sugarcane, or sweet sorghum while cellulosic ethanol is derived from non-food biomass sources, such as trees and grasses, by the action of microorganisms. Biodiesel is also produced by transesterification of a wide variety of oils xtracted from plants such as palm, soybean, oilseed rape, or sunflower, etc. or from animal fats or again by action of  microorganisms such as microalgae.


Uni-systems has a long time expertise in processing sucrose biomass such as sugar cane or molasses into biofuels and is presently developing the first complete commercial scale project using sweet sorghum as feedstock . Along with our technology partners we are also capable to provide complete process solutions for starch based feedstocks such as corn or cassava. 


Our long lasting partnership with  MDT - Mussi Distillation Technology and our ability to combine their process design with our in-house capabilities to outsource equipment and provide project management place us in a leading position to offer complete biofuels processing plants. 

Personalized Solutions


Uni-systems is able to deliver custom made solutions that adapt to any requirement and comply with the most demanding standards in terms of product quality, process efficiency, energy consumption and manufacturing codes. 


Our support may include the following:


1. Services


  • Opportunity study 

  • Pre-feasibility study

  • Techno-economic feasibility study 

  • Evaluation reports

  • Conceptual design

  • Process design & engineering

  • Procurement on retainer basis

  • Construction management

  • Assistance with operation and maintenance


2. Turn-key projects (EPC or EPCM)


  • Alcohol distilleries to produce fuel grade ethanol from any sugar or starch feedstock 

  • Front end extraction 

  • Lliquid phase treatment

  • Fermentation

  • Distillation and dehydration

  • Stillage concentration

  • Steam and power generation 


3. Equipment, components, parts


  • Process modules

  • Full line of process equipment and machinery

  • Auxiliary equipment 

  • Process instrumentation and automation

  • Electrical equipment, components and parts

  • Piping, fittings, valves

  • Structural components, vessels, tanks

  • Bulk materials, accessories and parts

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