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Uni-systems, Inc. is established in Miami Florida in September 1996.  

Uni-systems, Inc. is founded


Vale do Rosario, Brazil

First Cane Diffuser after Uni-systems was established

Crushing capacity 10,000 TCD

First diffuser designed as Uni-systems

First diffuser exported to Argentina

Arcor, Argentina

First exported diffuser Partnership Sermatec

Crushing capacity 10,000 TCD

Uni-systems and MDT (Mussi Distillation Technology) sign a cooperation agreement for use of MDT distillation technology in projects in North, Central and South America.  

Uni-systems - MDT Agreement

Moonmate, Argentina.

First turn-key Sugar Refinery Partnership with Sermatec, ABT

Production capacity 400 TSD 

First Turn-key Sugar Refinery 

San Gabriel, Mexico

First Power Generation Project  Partnership with TGM and WEG

Generation capacity 8,000 kWh

First Power Generation Project

CLNSA, Nicaragua. 

First Anaerobic Digestor 

Partnership GWE/Biotecs

Biogas Production 35,000 NM3/D 

First  Anaerobic reactor 

El Angel , El Salvador

PowerPlus Prototype installed

Cane roll mill drive

Partnership with SEW and WEG

Power output 2500 kWh

PowerPlus Prototype

EPC Biomass Power Plant

Tulula/Botran, Guatemala

Biomass fueled power Plant

Partnership MPT, TGM, WEG

Generation capacity 15,000 kWh

Ecoenergia, Spain

Wood residue and RDF fueled BFB boiler

Partnership MPT, TGM, WEG

Generation capacity 25,000 kWh

First RDF Power Plant 

Southeast Renewable Fuels, USA

Fuel grade Bio-ethanol from sweet sorghum

EPCM contract 

Production Capacity 20 M Gal/y  

First sweet sorghum Bio-refinery

Uni-systems and GWE establish a Joint Venture for effluent  treatment technology for project in Brazil and Latin America.  

GWE do Brasil, Ltda is established

Enerwood, Portugal

Biomass fired Power Plant

Partnership BIOCHAMM, TGM, WEG

Generation capacity 15,000 kWh 

First RDT / Biomass Power Plant

First Coal fired Power Plant

CGN, Guatemala

Coal fired Power Plant

Partnership MPT, TGM, BRUSH

Generation capacity 65,000 kWh


First Sugar Refinery EPCM contract

Paramonga, S.A., Peru

Design and commission of

first sugar refinery

Partnership ABT 

Production Capacity 300 TSD  




Louisiana Agrifuels, USA

Complete Syrup Mill

Partnership Arkel, Sermatec 

Crushing Capacity 10,000 TSD  

First Syrup Mill in USA


Agricola del Chira , Peru

Anhydrous Ethanol Distillery

Partnership Romero Group

Production capacity 350,000 L/D

First Turn-key Bio-refinery 

Maple Ethanol, Peru 

Anhydrous Ethanol Distillery

Process modules

Partnership Mitre Power Tech. 

Plant production 400,000 L/D 

First  IFC financed project


El Angel , El Salvador

High Pressure bagasse fired

EPCM contract

Generation capacity 25,000 kWh

First Biomass Power Plant 

Aroeira Bioenergia, Brasil 

Anhydrous Ethanol Distillery

EPCM contract 

 Plant production 400,000 L/D 

EPCM Bio-refinery in Brazil

Enersa S.A. Honduras 

Heat recovery project

Partnership Sermatec 

Generation Capacity 15,000 kWh 

First Heat Recovery Poject










Landmark projects


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