Caña Brava, Del Chira, Peru

Running Time: 17:57


Caña Brava is an agribusiness with roots in Piura, a pioneer in renewable energy production: ethanol. It is located in the Valle del Chira, in the districts of Sullana and Paita, Piura’s department. In our company it is harvested and processed an average of 4,300 tons of sugarcane daily, from which 370,000 liters of ethanol are obtained.  All thanks to the efforts of over 1,500 workers, most from surrounding towns, whose tireless spirit makes of Caña Brava an example to the domestic industry.

Year of Production: 2014

Maple Ethanol, Piura, Peru 

Running Time: 9:41 min


Maple Ethanol, a company of Maple Energy, operates a modern fuel grade ethanol distillery with a production capacity of 500,000 L/D of ethanol and 35 MWh of energy from sugar cane. Uni-systems has designed, procured and commissioned the sugar cane front end, extraction module by diffuser, juice treatment and steam generation.

Year of production: 2013

CE+P Stand Alone Ethanol Bio-refinery

Running Time: 5:09 min

Sound track only

Animation of the new California Ethanol and Power bio-refinery processing sugar cane to produce fuel grade ethanol, power and methane gas and bio-fertilizer.

Year of production: 2012

Caña Brava, Peru

Running Time: 1:52 min


The economical and social benefits of Caña Brava project in the North of Peru. Uni-systems was responsible for the design and construction of the ethanol plant.

Year of production: 2012

Piura to become a major center of ethanol production in Peru

Running Time: 3:09 min


Mr. Fernando Cillonis' view on the potential of ethanol production in the Chira River valley in the North of Peru. Uni-systems has contributed to the construction of both Caña Brava and Maple Ethanol projects in the region.

Year of production: 2012

Aroeira Bioenergetica , Brazil

Running Time: 2:28 min


Aroeira Bioenergetica is a new stand alone distillery located in Tupaciguara, MG  in Brazil. Aroeira started operation in 2010 processing 800,000 Ton of cane with capacity or producing 400,000 L/D of hydrated ethanol and 10 MWH of energy. Uni-systems has participated in the design and constrcution of the plant under an EPCM contract. 

Year of production: 2011

Caña Brava , Peru

Running Time: 13:42 min


Caña Brava is a new stand alone distillery processing sugar cane into fuel grade anhydrous ethanol. Uni-systems  has been responsible for the implementation, under an EPCM contract, of the factory, providing porcess design, procurement, constructin and commission for the entire facility. The plant started operation in 2009.

Year of production: 2010

Uni-systems Cane Diffuser animation

Running Time: 5:17 min

Sound track only

A brief animation showing the functioning principle of our cane diffuser.

Year of production: 2008

Cia. Licorera de Nicaragua. S.A. - Biodigestor

Running Time: 9:16 min


Cia. Licorera de Nicaragua, producer of the top quality rhum Flor de Cana, acquired, in 2002, a new biodigestor to process the distillery effluent (vinasse) and produce biogas. The plant was designed, constructed and commissioned by Uni-systems in cooperation with GWE/Biotecs. The anaerobic plant produces 45,000 NM3/d of biogas equivalent to 6,000 gal per day of diesel equivalent to a saving of 10 million dollars per year in fuel.

Year of production: 2003

Ethanol from Sugar Cane in Brasil

Running Time: 14:22 min

Englis subtitles

An old but still current video on the impact of sugar cane ethanol in the energetic matrix of Brazil.

Year of production: 2002

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